This style must be taught by really capable and prepared people, with skills difficult to find even in China itself. Master Zhang DuGan has taught this method for decades in an open manner, to the point that it can be said today that the BaGuaZhang enjoys a higher quality in Italy and Europe than in China.

To properly study such a profound style, one cannot simply make a research operation starting from the sequences of techniques and esoteric movements: without a proper guide, even those who consider themselves “Master” of the style are eventually on the same level as those who practiced for just one day, because the secrets of the BaGuaZhang have been revealed to a few people only. Master Zhang Dugan, a student of Grand Master Wang HanZhi, is the first Master to have made public the true teachings of BaGuaZhang, which today in China is for the most part an empty style, devoid of content.

The disciples Luca Mavilia and Vincenzo Spasaro continue the teaching of Master Zhang DuGan in their school, making the original and traditional program more comprehensible to the practitioners through progressive learning, levels and exams that assess the level of quality of those who practice.


Masters Luca Mavilia and Vincenzo Spasaro found a turning point in their martial life when they met Master  Zhang DuGan, the first Master who really opened to everyone the teaching of real Baguazhang .

Luca Mavilia and Vincenzo Spasaro followed Master Zhang DuGan for about twenty years, learning everything the Master taught. 

Master Zhang DuGan opened the doors of its teaching, being able to keep the traditional method, explaining in a gentle but complex way, so that a very few students got a deep real knowledge of Baguanzhang kung fu. Masters Mavilia and Spasaro went through a difficult apprenticeship, as it was  complicated to find reference points and reorder the puzzle that Master Zhang was offering to the world.

After a long apprenticeship, in 2016 during a traditional ceremony called Baishi, Luca Mavilia e Vincenzo Spasaro has been accepted by Master Zhang Dugan as his internal students (disciples).

Today Masters Mavilia and Spasaro are engaged in spreading this style all over the world, through a clear, progressive teaching, comprehensible for everyone. Baguazhang is a complex art itself: they believe that additional obstacles to learning must be avoided. From those who come to learn, they expect only respect for the Masters and for the ancestors who brought to us this beautiful method, care for other people and sincere desire to learn the Art.