Next step: BGZ seminar in Italy!

It’s official: we’ve planned for 25 and 26 of may 2019 two days of seminar held by Masters Luca Mavilia and Vincenzo Spasaro in Piacenza, near Milan, Italy, open to all our schools in Italy and Ireland and to all the people worldwide who want instrucion in true BaGuaZhang Kung […]

BaGuaZhang Instruction

if you ask for solid instruction in true BaGuaZhang Kung Fu, you can practice weekly lessons in our schools in Italy (North and South) and Ireland. You can also plan a seminar in your school all around the world writing to: Next stop: seminar in Piacenza (Italy) with all […]

About Women and BaGuaZhang Kung Fu

For the International Women’s Day, we would like to talk about women and BaGuaZhang Kung Fu.Bgz is a traditional art and, unfurtunately, for centuries in China, martial arts were ment for men.Nowadays women can study martial arts as well as men. In our school there are many women that train […]

Improving Health in BGZ Kung Fu

Sometimes you read about the way you could grow your health practicing BaGuaZhang Kung Fu. It’s interesting. How can you do? Master often talk about inner energi (qi), feeling meridians and acupunture points while moving. This is good but, when you practice BGZ thinking to those points, t’s hard to […]


Power in Eight Trigram Boxing Kung Fu is really different from any martial style. We don’t say better: only different. Why? Because every martial style uses muscular power. We don’t care what they tell to do: we care what they do, and they use muscles. This is really good for […]

About forms in BaGuaZhang Kung Fu

If you look at the forms in various BaGuaZhang Kung Fu styles, you can understand that there are several routines with different names and also routines with the same name are different each from another. No one plays the same pattern. Why? The answer is: because in years, decades and […]

Defense and attack in BaGuaZhang Kung fu

People know little about Baguazhang because of the mists that surround real chinese martial arts, a mystery built by ancient Masters themselves. If you ask experts about trademark of Eight Trigram Boxing, they start to talk about evasive footwork, being untouchables, deflecting opponent’s power and shots. This is a great […]

About BGZ styles

Some people tell there are many BaGuaZhang styles. They divide styles in families (Yin, Cheng etc) and explain all with different routines, different stances, different hand postures. If you ask them why they do this, they answer: “It’s about qi (energy) flowing”, and, if you ask why energy must flow […]

VIDEO- BAGUAZHANG KUNG FU M° Luca Mavilia and M° Vincenzo Spasaro

This is Baguazhang. We show you how BaGuaZhang Kung Fu works for fighting and health. This is a unique martial art method with postural, strategy, technical principles different from any martial art. Lineage: Dong HaiChuan- Yin Fu- Gong BaoTian- Wang ZhuangFei- Wang HanZhi- Zhang DuGan. For Baguazhang instruction worldwide, please […]

1-: Countdown for great news. Prepare yourself for tomorrow!

Countdown is near to zero. Tomorrow we will show you what is BaGuaZhang kung fu and what we do. Hope you like! See you tomorrow! Il conto alla rovescia è vicino allo zero. Domani vi faremo vedere cos’è il BaGuaZhang e cosa facciamo. Speriamo vi piaccia! A domani!